Sunday 19 February 2017

Sunday Lunch

Having worked yesterday with Mr GBT at a show I wanted to make sure that we spent at least a bit of today doing something we enjoyed which would give us a bit of a break. Thankfully we have a couple of options locally which we fall back on in such circumstances.

We had the luxury of time today, so we spent longer than usual just enjoying watching the birds in the hides at the nature reserve near here.

There are two birds I would love to get photos of [Mr GBT's camera is needed for this]- one is a jay which I do see from time to time, but never when I have anything to take a decent shot with and the other a wren. I love their plump little bodies and stubby tails. It always pleases me when I do glimpse one, but it's only ever fleetingly because they are so shy and secretive. I was amazed when I first discovered that they are the commonest breeding bird in the UK. Our luck changed today though!

Arriving without ceremony...well camouflaged against the brown leaf, covered floor.

Rootling around for a tasty morsel.


First course downed. Now for a little something to finish with.

Perhaps a spot of dessert is in order.

Bound to be something suitable in here somewhere.

We were able to watch more of its antics when we popped back in on our way back to the carpark.



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