Tuesday 29 August 2017

Unrecyclables...three down!

Aargh the bane of my life....blooming rubbish which apparently you can't recycle. Honest guv I try to be proactive by not bringing the dratted stuff in over the drawbridge, but I experience Epic Fails on a thuddingly regular basis. Thankfully, slip ups aside, progress is being made and both the landfill/recycling bins are needing to be put out far less frequently now.

Three things which really get my goat are disposable coffee cups....millions of them about and no plan in place for what to do with the things. Basking in the reflection of my own smugness I invested the GBT pennies in one of these earlier this year.

Now I have to confess that I have taken it out of its wrapping, but has it seen active service? Has it heck! I rarely buy takeaway drinks [I'm a gal with a cafe habit to support don't you know!], but even if I did I would never have had it with me. Fortunately Ice Badger [a lady who will freely admit is not to be approached before her first caffeine hit of the day] told me that she keeps hers in the car. A little strategy I shall adopt....I will be able to practise when I'm marooned at the NEC working in a few weeks time. Yesterday I found out that Costa now are running a scheme whereby they will take any brand of coffee cup in all their stores and send them off to be recycled.

Another thing which sets the little hobbit legs a-stamping are those foil pouches which the pet food comes in. However, the technology now exists to deal with them in the right way rather than them having to end up in a big hole. Although you have to stump up for post and packaging you can send your clean pouches along with various other plastic/foil laminates [I've emailed them for a more specific breakdown] to http://www.enval.com/ An email has already gone off to the waste department in our local council to ask them to investigate this option further. The recycling level in the county is still well below the target it's been set so something needs doing.

Finally, plastic bottle tops. The milk bottle ones are collected for a local charity. Like a terrier after a rat, I was not to be deterred and a bit of bloody mindedness on my part has led to the finding that Lush are still taking them in all their stores. They send them back to their HQ and they are then chipped and made into new containers for their products.

Getting there!


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