Monday 28 August 2017

All Around My Hat to keep this under your hat....I'm a closet folkie. Somehow, knowing what you've already read about me, that little revelation will come as no great surprise. I have enjoyed the music of many varied acts over the centuries, but it always comes back down to Steeleye Span for me. With a catalogue like theirs I'd be hard pressed to pick any one favourite so instead I'm putting up the one most people know along with a piccie of a rather marvellous piece of head wear I asked Mr GBT to sneak a photo of in Wimbourne. Now I know what to do with all those googly eyes!

We are hoping to finish the seemingly never ending task of decorating...I am sincerely hoping to have some slightly more thrilling blogging material to cover in the coming weeks! Please bear with me!



Rest awhile and smile.

I parked my ample rump on that there bench and followed the instructions on its plaque.  It wasn't exactly an onerous task to have to re...