Tuesday 8 August 2017

A classic with a twist!

You know it's going to be a quiet blogging week when the highlights of your weekend include getting your eyebrows threaded and draining down the radiators with your husband! It was a deliberate policy to keep it free so we could crack on with the decorating. Am pleased to report that the bedroom is completely finished and I've stripped the last bits of the wallpaper from the front room. Just got to sugar soap the walls beneath the dado, put up the new paper and bob's your uncle we're done. Phew!

With TYM now home my mind wandered aimlessly whilst scraping away and for some reason I started thinking about some of the things he used to like when he was much younger. For quite a while he was a huge Dad's Army fan. At the time my then lovely boss paid for all of the staff plus families to see the stage play. Leslie Grantham [erstwhile disgraced Eastenders actor] was cast brilliantly as the spiv Private Walker and the whole production was authentically brilliant. It will come as no great surprise that the audience clapped with great gusto when they got to the famous Pike clip!

I could not then help but giggle when this appeared in my inbox last week!

Classic British humour!



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