Monday 29 October 2018

Sunshine and showers.

Now I'm one of those people who is utterly incapable of listening to the weather forecast and retaining any detail. My brain wanders off in search of a bun and as my attention returns I realised I've missed the dratted thing again. Thank goodness for being able to check online eh! Yesterday it promised one raindrop, black cloud and sunshine. Mixed, but not enough to deter us and my friend H from venturing forth on a short totter through some local woods using another of the well written walks from the Fancy Free Walks site.

On this occasion the Met Office was spot on....we got it all and the photos show both the rain and the bright sunshine we experienced on our little foray. We were somewhat stunned when two fallow deer shot out ahead of us and up the hill...just a quick glance of their spotty backs and they were gone so I had little time to process what I'd seen let alone get any evidence. Thankfully other things remained stationary! Compared to the fiery foliage I've been seeing of late it was all rather muted and damped down, but I rather enjoyed the quiet contrast of it all. The vineyard is new I think.

Well while you're out and about you might as well have a little nose around the village of Colgate where you've parked I say. A snout around the church turned up a surprising shelf of....hens and this rather rustic panel. Otherwise it's a model of Victorian decorum and a tad on the too sensible side for my taste. At least there was a rather splendid hand painted house sign opposite to appease my penchant for the slightly off beam and the promise of Viennetta for pud when we returned slightly wetter than when we had left!!



  1. I hope I find a shelf of hens in a church one day - but probably very unlikely!

  2. I think the only thing you can expect to find in churches is the unlikely!


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