Monday 8 October 2018

Trees to Please

Lots of grunt work has been achieved this weekend and we now have a freshly painted front door. However, the halo soon slipped as I persuaded Mr GBT to play hooky with me. In order to protect our local park a Friends society was set up last year to promote it as an asset to the town. They've done a sterling job thus far and I picked up one of their tree walk leaflets in the summer. On a day like today with all the beautiful Autumn tints I felt it would be the perfect excuse for a short breather.

Lots of beautiful colours to behold and the trail took me to an unfamiliar spot in which I discovered there had been a poppy field dedicated to those who had fallen in the Great War along with a commemorative bench. The piece of wood with holes in has a plaque too, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to represent. Apparently it makes a handy place for storing found tennis balls for all the dog walkers these days! There were also several hand painted posters fixed to trees and railings. Again I don't know why, but I shall endeavour to find out.

And then these two staring down at us as we wandered home. They're on the outside of a restaurant which I passed every day for eight years when I worked in the town centre. Today is the first day they have introduced themselves to me.....look up peoples....there's always something new even when you think it's familiar!

Upon my return I did get on with my chores again!



  1. What a gorgeous place and the colours are utterly spectacular. x

    1. It is wonderful and I have been guilty of taking it for granted in the past.


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