Friday 17 July 2020


Returning to work might have slowed me down, but I'm still following the rules of thrift and using what I've got to make a new blind.  Lots of hand sewing means it's taking a while, but this is where I've got to so ex duvet cover, one lot of pink thread and a table runner from a locally run charity shop, ric rac trim from a jumble sale and it will all be lined with a ripped voile curtain someone "helpfully" added to the bottle top recycling I sort for charity. Usually I'd curse them inwardly, but they were inadvertently right on track this time!

I've still go a way to go before it's finished, but it will work well in our bathroom.



  1. What a clever re-purposing of an embroidered table runner, Aril!
    Your thinking-outside-the-retail-box reminds me of a local family that bought a Queen Anne manse that sported acres of windows. They hung beach towels on rings in the little kids' bedrooms, sheets on rings in the big kids and parents' bedrooms, and covered the grand span of leaded glass in the dining room with lace tablecloths, tea-stained to match.

    1. Thank you Beth. There's still some way to go. It's nothing swanky, but fits in with my make do and mend lifestyle. Arilx


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