Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Dorking Cockerel

Another one in a very occasional series of themed posts about "exciting things seen on roundabouts". We were travelling so a rubbish photo, but this is the rather splendid Dorking cockerel. It's based on a type that was bred by the Romans for its meat and when it was first installed it wasn't popular. However, times have changed and he's become a bit of a local celebrity in the past ten years. The local knitters have great fun keeping him on trend and as the moment he's sporting a natty mask with "Be Kind" on it. At Christmas he had a long knitted scarf and on one occasion a large baby's dummy hanging round his neck. It's the work of sculptor Peter Parkinson from the Fire and Iron Gallery in nearby Leatherhead. I know we're nearly home when I see him!



  1. As mascots run, this one is a winner! A very handsome bird, indeed. Many I've seen resemble escapees from a cereal box or the kiddies' Hallowe'en costume rack at a dollar store/pound shop.


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