Ten years down the line.

Mr GBT took this photo of a dragon on Mardol Street in Shrewsbury way back in 2010. At the time we thought it might be old, but knew no more about it. Thanks to a FB post I now know its backstory.

The carved dragon by Mr B Haigh was added to the timber framed building in 1986 as part of its refurbishment. It forms part of a metal beam which was needed to protect the upper storeys and is intended as a visual pun for the dragon beams you get which go down to the corner of wooden structures [I have had them pointed out in some of the places I've been to before]. At one time in the 1990s there was a nightclub on the site....they didn't think too hard about what to call it when they named it "The Upside Down Dragon" did they!



  1. Isn't he cute! I like his 'does what it says on the tin' title!


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