Friday 3 July 2020


...will be 4th July and I definitely won't be celebrating Independence Day [I don't qualify as a non American!] nor beetling down to the local inn...not because I'm a boring old fart, but simply because I'd rather wait until the novelty has worn off and it's all settled down a bit. Never having been a lover of crowds at the best of times, this has not changed during the last three months.

Instead we will be celebrating Mr GBT's birthday with a special day out for which I have managed to prebook tickets and a takeaway round at my parents. For the first time we won't have to cancel if the weather Gods decide to not play ball as we can eat inside [adhering to social distancing]....whoever thought that in itself would be a special treat.

So with the world opening out just that little bit more tomorrow should I even be admitting that what I miss most is the churches and the library. I might ahem just have happened to have compiled a modest list of some of the books I am hoping to borrow when ours is back up and running...ever the classy bird that's a leftover scrap of wallpaper I'm using.

That little lot should keep me out of mischief in the coming months. With that in mind I have found the perfect quote which just about sums me up!

"People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned."
Saul Bellow



  1. I won't be rushing anywhere either, although I wish I could go to my son and daughter-in-law's tomorrow to celebrate my twin granddaughters second birthday, but hoping to work something out to go to their big sister's eleventh birthday in August.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Love a book list, so enlarged yours to have a closer look. They should keep you busy for quite a while!
    I've borrowed a Ronald Hutton book in the past - very wordy!

  3. Would love a peek at that list, Aril. It's always interesting to browse what's on a person's bookshelves! * Hope all goes as planned for the celebration of Mr. GBT's natal day. As you say, it's easier to enjoy good company and conversation in the absence of crowds and noise.

  4. I am pleased that our library is opening, I hope the mobile library will make an appearance soon.

  5. I don't really miss the bars and restaurants but I miss being with our friends out over a drink. I miss being able to pop into the library as well. I just miss the old life in genera, even if mine was boring.


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