Not on the tourist trail.

Now with me back working everyday it's only weekend walking we can manage, so we met for another local stroll with friends P & C as they showed us yet more little secret corners in our locality. 

Starting from the village where they live I had to say I loved this repurposing of one of the old village phone boxes [they've already got one set up as a library]. This has to be be the smallest Tourist Information Office I've ever seen. Nevertheless it was packed full of local places to visit, history and walks for the village plus an informal swapshop with toys, seeds and books. Fabulous idea.

As ever much of the walk was across fields and woodland. Some of the coppiced trees have been left to grow out and this tree lined path really caught my imagination. I hope the owl box has seen service this summer too.

There were many lovely old properties hidden away. If I had a gardener this is what my garden would look like [well in my head anyway]. We couldn't glimpse the house itself because it's completely screened by huge hedges, but I know it's 400+ years old and has two bedrooms....P's grandparents lived there from the 1920s and her Mum was born there!  This wooden platform is a little further on and must give marvellous views out across to the North Downs in the distance.

Part way round the path took us past a field of cows and their calves....they were very stressed by our presence so we didn't tarry as we had no desire to upset them further. Upon leaving the field we encountered a fenced off area with some far more laid back occupants. One in particular couldn't resist coming up to the gate to take a closer look...the rather charming curly haired mangalica breed of pig. They must be hot with all that fur!

It's our turn to organise the next one....I have already got a plan brewing!



  1. That looks like I would have enjoyed the walk. Good job you kept moving with the skittish cows, they can move fast when they want to and easily kill a human.

    1. Yes they were very vocal and the fence looked very flimsy. Arilx

  2. I love that curly pig! x

    1. They look like they've had a perm! Arilx

  3. I love the tree house. Do you feel comfortable working again?

    1. Initially I was very anxious but I've got used to wearing a mask and gloves. I haven't been able to return to all of my clients because some still have to shield. Arilx


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