Monday 13 July 2020


The gentle unfurling of a new fern [except I only had a photo of bracken!] is called a koru in Maori art and represents new life, growth, strength and peace.

Methinks it's going to be short blog posts this week as haven't been beyond a local pub catching up with friends and starting the bathroom blind which I should have done during lockdown, but simply couldn't summon up the enthusiasm for.  On the good news front though we learnt that TYM has got into his uni and course of choice for his masters for September. He'll be staying down south and living at home for the next year. He was delighted, but even more excited about the gym reopeningšŸ˜„ That should keep out of trouble for a while yet!



  1. Congrats to TYM. We had our Youngest at home for a large portion of his first year of uni thanks initially to strikes and cancelled lectures then latterly to CV19 - he is looking forward to returning to uni (in whatever guise)he is so 'over' living at home!!

    1. What a rough year for him to have started uni in! Hope his second year is much improved. Arilx

  2. Just like the bracken unfurling steps! x

  3. Well done to TYM!!!! Great news! I love that word!


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