Wednesday 14 August 2013


You know all sorts of naughty quirky bits from my hol that just refuse to play ball and  fit neatly into my other holiday posts so prepare yourself for random ramblings as my grasshopper brain jumps from one unrelated topic to the next. Ho ho!

Firstly on the recommendation of Ilona [Mean Queen blog,] we visited the Museum of Lincolnshire life. A real little gem with a wide range of displays and all for my favourite price of FREE. Woohoo- the GBT purse even unchained the pursestrings and let us treat ourselves to a very reasonably priced cuppa and biccie in the cafe. I am still reeling from the shock a week on!

A calf dozer- why that name my little brain screamed!! Having read the info board I now know that it's a smaller version of a bull dozer. All makes perfick sense now doesn't it!

From our visit to the Old Hall in Gainsborough.

These recesses in the outer wall were for the skeps to keep them dry in inclement weather.

Graffiti- always been a problem. This is a Tudor example discovered when renovations were being carried out. Some things don't change!

Wonderful repro pot.

I do so love some of the angles you get with the timber framed buildings caused by the unseasonsed wood they used. Adds yet even more character I think.

And from our afternoon spent wandering around Lincoln this spotted  high up on a wall we were passing.

And yes I did promise you allsorts.....liquorice allsorts. Just the most amazingly creative confections. I couldn't bear to eat them though and I do so love a sweetie or two!


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