Sunday 25 August 2013

I'm no Mary Berry......

but I do so love to bake a wonky cake. I also always follow instructions to the letter [ho ho oh how I wish that was true- it would have kept me out of all types of scrapes over the years!] and take the greatest pleasure in inflicting my efforts upon family and friends!
This is a shop sign from a patisserie in our town

A very clear indicator to me as to just how ill I had become last year came with the realisation that I had become too frightened even to try a new cake recipe for fear of  failing yet again. The perceived risk was just too great so I had stuck rigidly to only tried and tested ones. To remedy this I set myself a little challenge in January to bake a new cake every month. My only proviso was that it needed to be a simple pimple one [I take no pleasure from twonking about with food] and it had to have a rustic appearance! That I felt  was well within my grasp. I have managed every month so far but yesterday a dear chum helped me to catch up as July was manic and I had run out of time. This is the result of our afternoon in the kitchen- she, my parents, small person and Mr GBT have road tested it and they are all still standing. I have yet to hear whether her hubby survived!!

July raspberry bakewell cake [no pastry!]

August courgette chocolate cake- motivation was to use up some of the glut of courgettes we currently have!


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