Saturday 24 August 2013


I have become most concerned about myself since I returned from my travels two weeks ago- not only have I completed 75% of the long list of tasks I'd left myself to do including my tax return and my tatters jacket but I have also carelessly completed another UFO. Oh where oh where have I mislaid my scatter gun- you know the one that allows me to have 15 things on the go at once [they do all get done eventually but can take a considerable amount of time- we're talking a few years here sometimes] and then start yet another thing that catches my eye. Fear will never last for I will be up to my old tricks before long!  I'm far too much of an old crone set in her ways for such a sensible approach to endure and I am well practised at resurrecting bad habits!

Anyway enough of my natterings. I am gradually, with the speed of a striking slug again], completing a set of felt goddess poppets with the eventual long term aim being that  they will be mounted together into a rainbow wreath of sorts.

And this is the one that I have completed this week

The "plan" [things could easily change on that front!] is to make a red one next once I've decided what symbol I want to go on the front but first I have to finish a rather large rainbow blanket for our bed which is 90% done so we can use it over the winter. Watch this space although be warned you could be watching for quite some time!



  1. Ooo Aril!! You've given me the bestest idea for a bit of 'bunting'. Don't know whether to thank or admonish you! lol

  2. Wait until you've made it then you can heap praise upon me!! I shall of course expect to see photos over on your blog!!


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