Monday, 12 August 2013

Merrie Monday

Friday night was always yoof club and was a major event in the thirteen year old's life who went to a strict all girls' school and didn't get within a hundred paces of a member of the opposite sex except every other Friday. I used to go with my jolly good chum J who remains a jolly good chum all these years hence. It was difficult to know which was the better option- having J's Dad picking us up at 9.45 because he would stay in the car unseen or my Dad coming at 10pm but him insisting on waiting in the foyer and looking through the club doors at us! We never actually spoke to any boys- we'd have probably needed smelling salts to revive us after our swooning but the potential for meeting BOYS along with the silly ideas about romance that our Jackie mags filled our heads with kept us going in the intervening period. These two tracks take me right back to that time!
The Gap Band

And Kool and the Gang


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