Thursday 29 August 2013

On being easily pleased....

I am a very simple soul and it can be the smallest thing or detail that brings me pleasure. These are a few examples that fall into this category that have made me smile over the last few weeks.

An arch seen in the woods at Nymans Gardens- the simplicity of the design is just so appealing.

 A new word- fop-doodle. It means simpleton and so far the only time I have had cause to use it was in reference to Psychocat. Let's just say it's been a costly error of judgement in all senses of the word for I am now having to pay both literally and figuratively for expensive little feline delicacies by way of a grovelling apology. She was more than a little put out!

Our first ever attempt at growing butternut squash- the tiles are to keep them up off the grass. We debated at the weekend whether they were ready to be harvested yet but having checked on the front of the seed packet we have discovered we still have quite a wait yet. Told you we were novices!



  1. Hi, I've saved that copy of the arch. I think I could usefully base an "entry into front garden" arch on this - if I can find someone suitable to make one for me that is. Yep...I will indeed have a proper garden at last soon! I have sold my little terrace house with a tiny back yard (that I have been doing the best I can to grow food in containers in) and am moving shortly to Wales. It's a small detached bungalow with fair-size garden. Front garden is about 57' x 20' and I have a back garden (about 12' x 57') and a bit of side garden. So I'm going to be able to set about foodgrowing in full flow now at last.

    Sorry to read on your blog that you were ill for a while. Hope all is well now with you.



  2. How lovely to hear from you Ceridwen. Brilliant news on your moving- sounds like the perfect new start for you and I know that the veggie growing will mean a lot to you. Even our modest harvests make a big difference to us this time of year and not just as a moneysaving project. I like being able to share the surplus with family and friends. Thanks for your good wishes- I am steadily improving and am taking on a few new challenges which have a positive knock on effect.


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