Friday 23 August 2013

Garden Visitors

Despite having an intense dislike of gardening I do like are pretty flowers and seeing the critters that pay us a visit. Being a snouty old bird does mean that I notice things! This month's offerings are

A comma butterfly

A small tortoiseshell

A silver Y moth- these are migratory and come up from Southern Europe.When I looked at its wings I then understood its rather unusual name!

And finally a Harlequin Ladybird - I know it's an invasive species but it doesn't know it's not meant to be here if you see what I mean. Striking appearance anyway.



  1. No, no, no! Not the moth! *runs screaming towards the sea*

    BH removes at least 3 a night from here! They absolutely send me into spasms, lol. He just keeps an empty glass and bit of cardboard near him now - always at the ready! ;)

  2. Oh dear ;-(. I feel the same way about daddy-long-legs- I have to get Mr GBt to remove them for me. Even though I know they're harmless I'm really scared of them!

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