Sunday, 20 October 2013

Oodles of Fun!

I have had rather a jolly time of it this last few days one could say- I am away from home for Halloween this year so rather than miss out on this annual festival of fun and frolics I have merely started earlier this year. Woohoo!

It's been my first ever year of pumpkin carving- an evening spent with a dear chum drinking tea, eating her delicious home baked pumpkin cake and me being let loose with a knife! I deliberately chose a simple template as I thought, quite rightly so as it turns out, that my carving skills might be fairly crude. I was rather pleasantly surprised to see that it does actually look like a bat!

To have the perfect excuse to buy appropriate sweeties and orange food colouring [which I didn't actually use this year] I decided to make a graveyard for my October baking challenge. It's not a bake in any sense of the word mind you- not been near an oven. More of a sugar rush on a plate but hey rules are made to be broken aren't they. The black pentacle candle holders came my way yesterday for a thrifty £2.50 from a local charity shop. That was just the icing on the cake for me!



  1. I think the pumpkin is fab, Aril! Simple designs are sometimes the best :) And, may I add, that looks a rather scrummy graveyard, lol.

  2. Thanks K- I had a whale of a time although my 15yo was less than impressed. Hasn't stopped him wolfing down the spare Halloween sweets though!


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