Wednesday 30 April 2014

A Sting in the Tale

Much merriment here once again at GBT as t'was my Tuesday off and that means either being led astray or leading others astray in the pursuit of fun!

Dear chum sent me details of this recipe she was proposing to make last week.

Unfortunately events conspired against her so it didn't get made....until today that is. I have to say she did most of the donkey work like the nettle picking [she had the last of last year's blackberries in the freezer still] but I did my very best to hinder her and it was certainly a novel way of using up stingers. I am particularly impressed that I have eaten my first ever green sponge!

As to taste....jolly scrummy thank ye and here's "our" [well hers plus my meddling contribution] version!


1 comment:

  1. And delicious it was.... although you know, I cut a wedge off for my workmates to try, (having ranted on about the recipe I had found).... and the wimps were too scared to try it!!!... apparently the green colour has made them rather scared. I think this may signify just how far down the spectrum of 'weird' we two may have traveled. Yes, really.


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