Tuesday 15 April 2014

Part Two...all the non woody bits!

Trouble with walking in the woods is that I am a nosey old bint and demand [ooh yes diva in training here] that Mr GBT takes photos of lots of other things that take my fancy en route. These of course don't fit in with the woodland theme so that now I've created the need for this mopping up type of post! Splendid...this is exactly why I love my crazy patchwork [the best type of patchwork...all random bits and bobs...google it if you haven't seen it before] life here at GBT.

The vicar of said village from which we strode out is a keen walker so he actually joined us before his afternoon duties called. Before setting out the fine fellow gave us a whistle stop tour of the church. This window is truly a window for all seasons. It was made in 1954 and even features a Hoopoe bird which was spotted visiting our climes in that year.

This chap...he really was so laid back that he couldn't be bothered to meet and greet. Having been so rudely interrupted he soon settled down to continue his nap.

Most taken with this character on the roof of a garage we passed.

And finally how about this for some uber snazzy daffs!

Thanks very muchly for joining me!


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