Wednesday 16 April 2014

Trolley Dolly

No I'm not being rude about air stewards....I am talking about me when I am let loose, unsupervised, in the supermarket once a week for the joy that is the weekly shop. Actually I don't mind it one little bit but my only proviso is that I am in there by 7ish so I can beat the bored husbands and ratty infants. I don't feel the need to clog up the store unnecessarily.

To be honest sometimes I can be a bit of a liability....many moons ago I inadvertently "stole" somebody else's trolley..there I was happily flinging in all sorts when a message came over the tannoy that a customer had lost theirs. "What a stupid person" I thought to myself until I took a closer look at the contents in "mine" and realised that I didn't recognise them, That was a tail in between the legs moment I can tell you as I had to go to customer services and make a grovelling apology. You would think I would learn.....erm well after a few incident free years I've been at it again. I startled a rather lovely elderly Italian gentleman just a few weeks back as I casually dropped my shopping into his trolley. I have to say he was very gracious as I then had to retrieve said items and beat a hasty retreat!

This week for a change I thought I'd just notice what my train of thought was as I wandered around....

Firstly, even though I have a comprehensive list which I follow religiously....I am so good now I can miss whole aisles out these I still always manage to forget something and how come it's always at the far end of the store from where I'm standing. This week it was condensed milk.

A gentleman walked past me in shorts in the fruit and veg with a bar code tattooed onto the side of his calf...why did I briefly wonder what might happen if I held one of those new fangled scanners up to it...would it go beep?!

When did Easter become so complicated now seems not only do you need to festoon the house with decorations [no objection to that per se], buy money boxes that have "chocolate fund" or "chocolate pennies", buy games for a themed party [Pinata anyone?] but also buy your little darling a huge fluffy bunny. Mine gets a hot cross bun and an egg. Cruel Mother that I am!

If I paid £35 for a Lindor Golden Rabbit would I ever eat it or would I feel the need to keep it as an ornament....and so it continued!

But enough of my witterings...until next time!


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