Friday 25 April 2014

Friday Funding Fun

Morris dancing is one of the times I make the effort to paint my nails in weird and wonderful colours...most of the time I am a] too idle b] can chip them before I've even finished painting them being apparently incapable of sitting still even for the shortest period and c] there's not a great deal of point when you work as a house sparkling elf for a living.

A thriftier version than all those sparkly nail varnishes on the market is to either buy a clear one with glitter in [as ever being the classy chick I am mine came from £land] or make your own. You just need to make a paper funnel so that you add the glitter colour/colours of your choice. I then use it as a top coat over a couple of coloured varnish coats and it looks rather natty. I was sporting gold nails with a copper glittery effect when I was last let out with a stick!


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