Saturday 19 April 2014


Now before you read on please make sure that you are sitting down and have taken a hearty glug of your small sweet sherry you are nursing in your paw so that the shock of what is to follow doesn't cause you to topple apex over bustle!.....

Following on from yesterday's postlet about repurposing/upcycling I have actually finished something to illustrate that I do sometimes complete things [rather than consigning everything to the semi permanent state of UFO  as I get distracted and start something else] and try to practise what I preach. Ta da!

Now I may erm have started this blind in 2010 and then not been able to decide how I wanted to finish it so tucked it away...the downside to having a reasonably decluttered house is that it leaves you with lots of space to hide things! Having recently finished redecorating the cloakroom I dug this out again and as you can probably imagine it didn't actually take all that long once I got down to it. The backing for the blind is from the back of a cream duvet cover which had had a mug full of tea sloshed over it and was badly stained. The fabric overlaying came from an Indian fabric shop and was the end of a roll. I must have bought it at least 10 years ago on a whim without any specific use in mind [in the days when I had more wonga and was rather profligate in my spending habits]. You can't see it but I've done rows of hand stitching in gold thread for extra detail and the tabs came from a pair of hideously stripy curtains that I bought from a charity shop reduced to £1. I simply cut the stripes and then pinked the edges so they won't fray. Said item is now hanging up!



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