I am most taken with this word that I came across in this week's reading. May I inform you that crotals were found in the 1820s in an Irish bog and that there were 48 of them to be precise!

These are to what I refer

They are late Bronze age artefacts and can either be pear shaped or round. Within each one is a small pebble or piece of clay and when they are shaken they make a noise. Their true purpose is unclear, but various theories suggest that they may have been suspended from a dancer's belt or were a representation of a bull's scrotum and used in fertility rites. We shall probably never know.



  1. BH finds crotals when detecting, they take all interesting finds to their group's meetings where archaeologists attend and give info/advice, sometimes taking things away for a closer look. The ones he finds are generally fairly new, only 300-400 years old, lol.

  2. I wonder if they're the ones that were attached to the animal harnesses? I would love to do metal detecting one day!


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