Monday 14 April 2014

Wandering in the Woods Part One

I am a girl of the woods through and through...nowhere else do I find such peace. The Sussex woods fill me with particular joy. Yesterday Mr GBT and my jolly good chum H accompanied me on a walk organised by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. A taster of what greeted us.

Plant indicators for ancient woodland. Moschatel [aka Town Hall Clock because of its 4 faces] and Yellow Archangel

Cuckoo Flower [aka Lords and Ladies], Stitchwort [my parents always call this Shirt Buttons] and Wood Anemone

Bank Haircap Moss [I think- please do correct me if I'm wrong. I like to learn!]

And finally new growth and catkins on a Hornbeam [this one was identified by another member in the group]

Just beautiful and topped off with sunshine. I shall show you a few of the non woodland goodies in part two.



  1. Lovely photos, Aril :) I too am a woman of the woodland.... who is currently stuck by the sea :( Sea's lovely too, but how I miss having a decent size patch of trees within walking distance :'(

  2. I like your part of the world too K....I lived just outside Norwich.


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