Friday 23 May 2014

Friday Funding Fun

On a Thursday I housesparkle for a lady who has inherited all manner of treasures from her ancestors. Over time I've helped her to sort out a box of unworn Edwardian gloves that belonged to her maiden aunt, polished Victorian walking sticks, cleaned eye catching pieces of antique silver and so forth. She readily admits she is a bit of a hoarder and hates to either part with anything or see anything go to waste. In some respects, although myself not a hoarder, I am on her wave length when it comes to not just thoughtlessly chucking things into landfill...that hole in which they would go does not simply disappear sadly however, much we might wish it to.

Today's unearthed find was a Good Housekeeping booklet of Cheese and Potato recipes from 1943. With rationing in mind the approach was one of thrift. Certainly no extravagant ingredients and definitely sticking to the waste not want not ideal here! Anyroad thought I'd share a couple of the recipes with you if you're looking for some historically frugal inspiration.

Criss Cross Tart

6oz shortcrust pastry, 1/2lb cooked potato, 1tbsp golden syrup, 1tbsp black treacle.

Roll out the pastry thinly to line a square or an oblong tin. Roll the trimmings into strips to form squares. Slice the potatoes thinly and arrange in overlapping rows in the squares. Cover with a thin layer of either syrup or treacle alternating so that it looks like a draughts board. Bake at 450F for 20-30 mins.

Macaroni and Apple Cheese

1/4 lb macaroni cooked and drained, 1lb stewed apples, 2oz breadcrumbs, 2oz grated cheese, 1/2 oz marg

Fill greased pie dish with alternate layers of macaroni, breadcrumbs and apple. Top with grated cheese and nuts of marg . Brown under the grill.

Obviously, never having tried either of these I can't vouch for them. Not sure about the dessert but am going to try the macaroni one using smoked cheddar for this month's veggie challenge.


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