Thursday 8 May 2014

The News....

....really should be correctly titled "The Bad News". I have managed to wean myself off watching the news on TV and my addiction to checking the BBC site, only to swap it for reading online papers. Aargh.....I know people are capable of plumbing the deepest depths of depravity and far more of the articles concentrate on this angle, but I also believe that most people are ok and given the opportunity, many are capable of the most amazing selfless acts towards our world and fellow occupants. I think the recent media coverage of the young cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton and the legacy he will leave behind is a fine example of this.

The small person is a positive soul who has already set out on a path of volunteering and helping others...he is a young leader at Scouts and works at a charity shop every Saturday. This summer he will participate in the National Citizen Service challenge. He found out about it and asked us to help him sign up. I am sure that it will once again broaden his horizons and bring him into contact with more like minded young people of his own age. More details are here

Don't get me wrong he's a typical teenager..we have cross words but hugs aswell and I know it's a complete cliche but I am proud of him, yes very proud and he'll bluddy well have my guts for garters when he reads this! Today he starts his exams...I wish him all the luck in the world as he takes another step forward on the path towards adulthood.

Love Mumx


  1. Hehehehe, well done SP, who's really a rather LP :)

  2. Thanks K....and yes he rolled his eyes when he read it!

  3. *applauds the boy and mum*



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