Sunday, 4 May 2014

Swept Away In Rochester Part One.

A poor pun indeed but courtesy of this chap

Yesterday was my first ever trip to the Sweeps Festival in Rochester. I was dancing all day and had very little time to just stand and stare but it was a true feast for the eyes. Fortunately Mr GBT joined me and he was my eyes and ears. I would simply catch a fleeting glimpse and he would do the honours. Not only was the weather superb but my friend C came along specially as did my cousin B. I am already planning a return visit with a dancing chum so we can explore properly!

So some of the sights to give you a taster from another incredible day as part of Mythago.

The dark set of photos.

The final chap is one of our musicians.

I'll put up more in part two to stop the post being too photo heavy.


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