Saturday 3 May 2014

Monthly Review

Huzzah I made a new pud...even better it was a simple pimple recipe that could all be done in the microwave and I was able to use a good old dollop of the lemon curd that I had made in the slowcooker a few days before. Recipe from here if you want to make a dessert and are short on time or just after a quick fix like me!
Any type of cooking that requires minimal effort gets a huge tick in my book. I saw a t-shirt once that read "If God had wanted me to cook why did he invent restaurants?!" That could have been specially designed for me.

I have started "Blood Mistletoe" by Ronald Hutton...ok so I've only read the first 17 pages [I have to get my brain in gear and concentrate] but it's a modest start.

For me personally there's some rather good news on my recovery front as the dosage of my chuckle pills has been decreased with no adverse effect. I am taking it very slowly and monitoring the situation but the greatest weapon in my arsenal against the Black Dog is ensuring I get enough rest. A Nana nap in the afternoon is working a treat and I "seem" to have got past my raised anxiety when dancing in public which in turn has increased my confidence and I've loosened up a bit. I've also joined this site found this story on Lovely Grey Day's blog really struck a positive chord. Panic ye not though I'm not about to go all airy fairy on you and start channelling Pollyanna. I am far too fond of my crotchety old inner crone and far too long in the tooth to abandon her!



  1. Oooo, love to cook here. My trouble comes in the form of no flunkies (like all the best chefs) to clear my mess! lol Glad that crotchety crone won't be leaving us, but ever so glad that she is happier within herself :)

  2. 'Nana nap' - that's a great description. Glad to hear things are improving for you.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments K and Eileen. Psychocat loves a Nana nap with me!


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