Wednesday 21 May 2014


Many years ago I visited the gardens at  Sissinghurst-originally owned by Vita Sackville-West it is now in the hands of the National Trust. On that first visit the thing which really took my breath away was the beds of aquilegas. At that time I swore that when I had my own garden I too would grow them. In time we moved from our maisonette to our present abode and I realised my dream. I bought some of my very own...these have long since died but they self seed with gay abandon and every year produce a whole crop of colours and shapes. These are some of this year's plants.



  1. They are gorgeous although they're invasive. After years of trying to move them from our border I honestly thought I'd succeeded this year. No chance! A lovely purple specimen is hiding beneath the hydrangea laughing at me!!

  2. They are prolific I agree! Sometimes I just have to pull them out like weeds.

  3. Hi Aril!
    Your 'grannies bonnets' are gorgeous! Especially the doubles and the last photo. I have them seeded freely in the garden too, though they aren't as splendid as yours are this year.
    Kims comment made me smile - I had a similar 'fight' when we moved into our house (36 years ago) but with feverfew, I did finally eradicate them after a number of years but last year in a fit of goodness knows what I BOUGHT another plant for the garden, so it looks like they're going to make themselves at home again! The bees do like them though ;o)
    Hope you're keeping well. Best wishes
    Rose H



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