Thursday 15 January 2015

A Gathering of Greenmen.

I thought it hight time I introduced you to some of the members of my modest Greenman collection. There are a couple more not shown here.

These two are from a chap who sells them on our local artisan market. The red one has suffered a bit from the weather as he originally hung on the tree that we had to have cut down last year after it died.

I picked this little chap up at a medieval festival some years ago at Michelham Priory.

I love this fellow's beady eyes. He comes from the Hedingham Fair catalogue. There are other ones in the series by the same maker.

This one does rather look like he's lost a shilling and found sixpence. He came from Sherwood Forest. If you are there the visitor centre has lots of different examples.

And finally this one was a pressie from my parents and came from Avebury.

If you aspire to start/add to your collection [that'll be me then!] then this is my idea of heaven on earth- Spirit of the Greenman in Tintern. I know I've used this photo before but it's perfect excuse to indulge my obsession!



  1. Oooooooooo scrummy! I love them all. I collect them too :)

  2. Can never have too many!


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