Friday 9 January 2015

Sussex Won't Be Druv.

Although I am an East Anglian by birth I have spent my formative years here in West Sussex [bar a brief foray over the border into Hampshire when I did my degree] and am extremely proud of my adopted home county. Over the years I read a fair few books about Sussex's history and folklore and encountered a few amusing sayings for your delight and delectation!

"He was so drunk he couldn't see straight through a ladder!" [I am utterly convinced I've met this particular chap plus his mates on more than one mildly alcoholic night out!]

"Storrington people have to look in a puddle to see if it's raining!" Storrington is a large village/small town in West Sussex.

"Lewes folk are so mean they'd catch a rat for its hide an' fat"

"Sussex folk are strong in the arm but weak in the head"

Upon spinsters "Sh'em like a new, unfurnished cottage, never been lived in."

Upon something done badly "done with a hot needle and a burning thread."

Indolent person was "as lazy as spit water."

To be in great trouble was to have "the biggest land and the worst reap."

And finally to close one about the legendary stubbornness of the Sussex folk:

"Some folks as come to Sussex,
They rackons as they knows
A darn sight better what to do
Then silly folk like me and you
Could possibly suppose.
But them as comes to Sussex,
They mustn't push and shove,
For Sussex will be Sussex
And Sussex won't be druv."

W Victor Cook


PS Being a bit partial to being an awkward old bird when the mood takes me the picture is in no way connected to the post content. It's simply from outside one of our town centre pubs and has recently enjoyed a repaint having looked very sorry for itself over the past few years.

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  1. Lovely! I'll have to find some Devonian ones. xx

    PS Have train ticket!


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