Sunday 11 January 2015

A January Pleasure

One of the perks of being self employed these days is that I get to see more as I travel between housesparkling clients during the course of my week than when I worked full time in the training centre.

On Friday afternoons I enjoy the beautiful but ever changing views of the wild brooks. At this time it frequently floods but in the summer it is grazed by cattle. Last year it was covered in water for many weeks but the water has only been up for a matter of days this time. Last week I noticed that the migrating Canada geese had arrived and were gathering upon the brooks. There was much honking as more flew in so I took my camera this time in the hope that I might get lucky. It's one of the treasures in January for me- it's not so easy to see the sparkle in a month that can be very bleak and cold but if you scratch below the surface it still has delights to offer.


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