Thursday 8 January 2015

Ageing [Dis]Gracefully!

Once upon a time in 1894 when I was a bright young thing in my twenties we went to Aviemore in August. When you have the Cairngorms on your doorstep it would be rude not to walk up one which seemed like a mighty fine idea until it turned into reality....heat, sweat and little black flies swarming all over me. Result one former bright young thing now one groaner moaner still in her twenties.

Everyone suffered and everyone grumbled but when we got to the top one of the chaps stood there and said "I'm glad to have had the chance to do that"...erm the look of complete bewilderment on my face elicited further clarification as he explained that he was grateful, despite the discomfort, that he could reach the summit because one day he might not be able to. It's a lesson that's stuck with me and why I keep on with the slogging. I know many people do,but I have not fallen in love with running but what I do enjoy is the positive after effects and health benefits I experience. I encountered this timely quote yesterday which sums up what I'm rattling on about!

"Accepting the fact that one is getting older can be a wonderful and liberating thing. Life is a daily gift, and no one, old or young, knows what tomorrow will bring; worrying about how old you are just sours this gift. Ageing is really a privilege rather than a problem. In many parts of the world people die young , and never have the chance to be old. And even though age brings illness and sorrow, this is part of what it means to be human. Without the trials of life we would never have the chance to mature, never understand our parents and grandparents, and possibly never be truly happy."

Alex Quick

Arilx aged 48 and a big bit!


  1. If you were in your 20s in 1894, you must be aged 48 and a really really big bit!!
    I'm not sure that I'd want to be too young again, I'm liking living my life with the experiences I've already had.

  2. Sadly the big bit is not getting any smaller! Would not enjoy being a teen again. It's good to be happy in my own skin these days.


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