Monday 12 January 2015

Buchan Park

Buchan Park is another country park within my district and is a popular spot with dog walkers and families. It is an area of mixed woodland, heath and meadow and was bought by West Sussex County Council in 1969. Used for sheep grazing and wood extraction during the medieval period there are also some workings left over from the iron industry. At one point it was owned by the Victorian Salliard family who were ostrich feather importers. They were responsible for the series of lakes that form the focal point of the area today.

One of the things I most enjoy on my occasional visits here is the attention to detail. Every mundane object has something added to lift it out of the ordinary- even the sign to the toilets has big wooden mushrooms carved at the bottom of its post. Many of the sculptures are created by chainsaws from fallen trees where they lay and are left gradually to break down and return to nature over time whilst new ones are added. It means that there is always a new treat to see.

These are taken in the wildlife garden. This is a dog free area with dipping ponds for the little 'uns [we frequented them when we were at the small kidlet stage ourselves!]

And in the centre....a gorgeous spotted woodpecker made of wood!

Things spotted on our way round. Lovely to see the first lot of hazel catkins...spring is gearing up. Huzzah.

On a personal note this was really exciting for me. A coal tit- it flew in and out so quickly each time it alighted on the feeder I think Mr GBT did well to get a decent photo of it through the window!


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