Friday 16 January 2015

It Takes All Sorts!

I'm not just fed up but actually bored to the back teeth by the cloned females [I'm sure there's a hidden factory just churning 'em out] strutting across the media and being touted as the Ideal to which we should all aspire whilst attempting to diss the rest of us mere "ordinary" women. Well I'm not having it...if you want a fake tan, designer clothes, plastic surgery [I'm talking cosmetic grounds only] go ahead so long as you're sure it's what you really want and you're doing it for all the right reasons. So long as you're paying [ooh controversial!] then it's none of my bleedin' business.

Moi being a woman is far beyond the external packaging. Sure I love to wear a bit of of the old slap. Personally I love my bright lippy and ridiculously coloured nail varnishes when I'm in the mood for painted talons but that's not for everyone. How dull life would be if we all looked the same or had the same attitudes. My woman of choice for the next time I'm back is Helena Bonham Carter! These days I embrace my wrinkles which I've exacerbated over the years by constantly raising my eyebrows and gurning and I don't give a fig that there are quite a few grey hairs in my short do either. Hell it looks like I've lived a bit that's all! I eat moderately well, do exercise that suits me [no gym bunny here], love crisps and enjoy my frugal life here at GBT. I am thankfully, well past the age when I have to impress/am impressed by people just by what they look like. I'm far more interested in what makes women tick and their actions. Love the skin you're in-age after all is only a number!

Sticking two fingers up at the nightmare that is airbrushing and  photoshop here's an inspirational little clip showing what real women can achieve:

And whilst you're perspiring gently how about a yowl to this tune that says basically the same thing.

Go for it ladies!



  1. All about the bass, the bass.....yeah get on! x

  2. The images aren't showing up on my tab,,, but I know the song, all about the bass... Helena Bonham Carter,, not a bad choice.

  3. Thanks for your comments. My Mum can't see the links on her i-pad either Caz.


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