Percy Pendragon.

I am a sloooow knitter and haven't tackled anything involving a pattern since my early 20s I should think. Since my redundancy in 2011 I started knitting my "rustic" [call that garter stitch] blankets one which Humphrey now sleeps on, a rainbow one for our bed and a blue one for my friend H that I finished last month. Let it just be said that that chapter of my life is now closed and I am ready to try some more grown up knitting [well relatively grown up but only in the sense that there is a pattern]. Last year an online chum flagged up this pattern....I'm not one for spontaneous purchases but even I prised open the GBT purse and flung 500 pennies away on this:

Now I know it's naughty to copy and paste this photo because it's not mine but I hope the lady won't mind as I'm promoting her site. It came from here and if you fancy knitting something charmingly whacky and off the wall this is a good place to start Not all to my taste but do love the gargoyle ones!

Mummikins bought me the wool for my birthday and she along with a dear chum have lent me the needles so he now has a head and a body. Progess is very slow but he will be finished I am determined. My version I suspect will be rather wonky but hey ho!



  1. Oooh he's fab, Aril!! Very new knitter here, not got past 10 *wonky* rows yet, but something to strive for :D


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