Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Quaint English Custom.

I have recently finished reading "The English Year" by Steve Roud which gives a month by month account different folk customs. Some entries are historical, others current, newly established or revivals. One thing that crops up regularly is fairs- although many no longer happen, the charters which set them up date back hundreds of years. The good thing though is the concept of a fair or whatever name it goes under in your part of the world is still very much of our summers.

Scarred by my years of organising the PTA summer fair [I jest] I have to say I am not noted for my regular attendance at this type of event these days but I did find myself at the Oakwood Hill Flower Show last weekend. Not just flowers- a fair by any other name. Terrier racing, face painting, dog show, tent full of home made produce, cakes, local bands. The sun shone and I thoroughly enjoyed a few hours just pottering [oh and I found a charity book stall with each tome priced at 50p so was happy as a pig in muck.] A few shots which sum up the day really.

Rescue owls- the owners put them up in the tree to perch where it was cooler for them.

A might fine display of vintage cars. How marvellous would it be to toot your horn with your foot.

Heavens above what is that woman doing with that stick?! I can assure you that no damage was done!

The only thing I would say is that the whole affair is rather gentrified [but then we were in Surrey].I think they could take their lead from Egremont Crab Apple Fair and throw in a spot of wrestling, gurning, a pipe smoking competition or the greasy pole to liven it up a tad. I think they might be missing a trick there!


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  1. You look like you were very much in control of the situation, so I'm not worrying about you!!!!


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