Wednesday 26 August 2015

Gadgets and Gizmos.

As I aim to spend as little time in the kitchen as I can decently get away with I'm not known either then for spending much time looking at cooking related items [in fact I rarely venture over the threshold of any normal shops bar the supermarket these days]. By and large the latest must have will almost invariably passed me by unnoticed. Occasionally though I might spot something at a friend's house that catches my eye and piques my interest. If it's going to enable me to do something I either don't do or make a process easier then I have even been known to go wild and make a new purchase.
Very few do meet this criteria though. However, these did and are my favourites.

The object on the left is for slicing beans. I wasn't initially sure about this one but since we've been harvesting our own runners it's come into its own. The middle one is a burger maker and came from Lakeland- an absolute marvel I loathe having to shape this sort of thing by hand so this has allowed me to start making my own now and finally on the right hand side this object I use for rubbing fat into flour for crumble toppings. A chum had one and when I glimpsed one for £1.69 in the charity shop home it came with me. It's another thing I am not fond of doing by hand so I have put it to work on many occasions!

And then there is this......

Onion goggles no less. Available from here Mr GBT kindly offered to save me £23 by lending me his swimming goggles. Bearing in mind that my kitchen is at the front of the house and clearly visible from the pavement can you imagine the shame if anyone saw me. Anyway I can assure you that he has been thoroughly reprimanded for his impudence and sent to bed without any tea. I meanwhile never cease to be amazed by just what there is out there in the market to be purchased. Each to their own I guess!


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