Saturday 29 August 2015

Curry Night

We have dear chums joining us for supper tonight which I'm really looking forwards to as it will be an evening full of chuckles as we catch up with each others news. S has been diagnosed as a coeliac recently which, although very upsetting for her initially, now explains so many symptoms and why she has felt rough for such a long time. As a non meat eater and myself a fan of veggie cooking normally it's not a problem to produce a suitable menu but this had me scratching my head initially. She offered to bring her own food but that's no fun for her and I reckoned I could work my way round it with a bit of lateral thinking.

I've come up with veggie curry- two recipes. Both have been tried and tested previously on my flesh eating males and have go the thumbs up so firstly I'm doing Aloo Gobi recipe here and in a bid to use up some of the runner beans we've been so kindly given Sri Lankan Runner Bean Curry Served with rice and Bombay potatoes. If I kill her off accidentally with my cooking I shall 'fess up tomorrow!


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