Friday, 14 August 2015

One does so love a bargain....

Now there's yellow stickered and reduced....then there's the occasional West Sussex variation which moves the goalposts.....

So this morning as usual I was nosing around the end of lines in the supermarket. Always worth a quick gander as sometimes it comes up trumps.

This one was a new one on me though- I thought it would have been ungenerous not to share my good fortune so I kindly left all the boxes behind for someone else to discover. Each to their own.....

The GBT purse has already hit the sloe gin, such is her state of shock....I did offer her one of my Sainsbury's basics teabags [classy bird moi!] but she sniffily informed me a cuppa would never see her make a full recovery. Apparently she needs her wits about her at all times so that she remains vigilant and can guard against my "unwanton spending". Charming!


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  1. Blimey! I've popped into the Coop yesterday for some proper English tea bags to take to North America with me. I can't stand the stuff they sell there. My eighty 99 teabags cost a quid! x


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