Death, Dentures and Deceit.

Well there's a combination to juggle with eh and all set within a quiet corner of Midsomer I mean West Sussex.

Allow me to set the scene...a place which owes its very existence to the credible tale of some poor chap called Cuthmann who, whilst wheeling his poor old ma round in a wheelbarrow with a rope from the handles round his neck [in my town centre on a Saturday night its drunken yoofs with their mates in shopping trolleys but that's a whole different story!], declared it to be the perfect spot to build a church when said rope gave up the ghost.

This is unspoilt Sussex town. I mean look gorgeous plantings and delicious architectural details to behold....

A place of chocolate box cottages where even the workhouse is glorious. Properties that go by the name of Mouse Cottage...


Quaint tea rooms and even fluffy creativeness....

But don't be fooled.....all is not quite what it may seem.....



  1. Waiting eagerly for the next instalment!

  2. Ah! I have my answer now. That's what comes of catching up on blogposts reading backwards!


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