Tuesday 18 August 2015

"You'll only feel a little prick dear!"

After a 15 year break [I have a bit of chequered history let's just say] and spurred on by my 17 year old's decision to become a blood donor I had one last attempt at giving blood yesterday. Sadly it wasn't to be but at least I understand why now I've had such difficulties in the past. I am pleased to say that the teen fared much better.

Back in the 18th century wealthy women were facing a far larger ordeal than a couple of pin pricks from needles. Over a two year period from 1788 there were more than fifty women attacked by the so called London Monster. Shouting obscenities at them he then stabbed them often in the buttocks and ran away. Some victims suffered nasty injuries whilst others thankfully only had slashes to their clothes. Such was the mayhem caused by the assailant some men formed the No Monster Club and wore lapels exonerating them. Fashionable ladies wore copper pans over their petticoats for protection. He was never apprehended. Interestingly once it had been noted that he only attacked pretty women others began to self harm and claim that they too had suffered. The whole episode really is quite bizarre. For anyone wanting further info there's a book available http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-London-Monster-Sanguinary-Tale/dp/0306811588

Please thank W for highlighting this particular morsel.


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