Tuesday 4 August 2015

Notice and Be Amused!

Two recent sightings to raise the corners of my mouth.

Firstly a novel way to ask for a donation to the running of the free and rather marvellous Kirkwall museum.

And then there's this one which I may very well have featured before..my apologies if this is the case but I am way too idle to go back and check! Anyway I am delighted to report that this poster is still up on Billy's gate and I gather he's still very much alive and getting into a spot of hot water now and again. A lady walking her dog asked me if I had ever met Billy when I revisited the village last week and when I said that I hadn't had the pleasure she informed me that "he's quite a character!"

As you know I'm a simple soul and what is it that they say about simple things and simple minds!!


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