Thursday 9 March 2017

Blue Blood

Originating in Spain, the term "blue blood" is understood in the context of those members of the European Royal Families with pale skin and blue veins. My take on this whole business though is rather different for I have hatched my own theory.....

Allow me to explain. Working on the basis that a Smurf's skin pigment is blue then maybe their blood is of the same does this mean that members of the ruling classes are actually Smurfs, but just going incognito and disguising themselves as Regal people....hmmm I shall mull this over further!

Joking aside this is the teenogre's half marathon outfit of choice [he's fundraising for his volunteering in Bangladesh]. Initially he was going to dress as a gorilla, but a few moments wearing my Mythago mask and then the dawning realisation that he couldn't breathe very well soon put paid to that idea! Normally he's got all the latest clobber on and I love the way he's still posing, trying to look cool....just not possible son in those white dungarees I'm afraid! It's got to last for 3 races so I suspect it will not look all that pristine at the end of 39 miles. He's not wearing blue face paint for the same reason either...eww. His first outing is 2nd April in Croydon.



  1. You have smurfs in your palaces and we have an orange troll in our white house.


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