Friday, 17 March 2017

No designs.

The time has come to muck out the Glory Hole....armed with a shovel [I am wildly exaggerating, but what's a story without a bit of hyperbole eh!] the teenogre has emerged unscathed with a goodly mound of detritus....

Unbeknown to him, I have extracted this from the recycling bag and added it to the file of Special Things To Keep [I have only kept a few choice ones over the years]. It was his design for a tattoo...his world of elephants was his sanctuary when real life was often confusing and frightening as a young child with Aspergers.....there's been a sea change and this is not now going's all gone very quiet on the tattoo front too. You never know with my day he might casually appear with an inking. He's full of surprises!



  1. That is a pretty awesome elephant. Screen print for a one of kind t-shirt.

  2. That's a wonderful design, I'd happily sport that myself. xxx

  3. Interesting design, potential for a tattoo artist there!


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