Sunday 5 March 2017


If you asked me if I had a creative bone in my body I would definitely say "No". My stock answer is to say that my role in the creative process is to admire the endeavours of others. This I do as often as I possibly can and it brings me the greatest pleasure.

There were many aspects to our trip to the Bethlem Museum of the Mind which moved and inspired me by turns. I could write at length, but at the expense of covering the same ground as Lovely Grey I shall instead share a few images from their current exhibition.

Called "The Fabric of Being", this display consists of some examples of the work created by the staff, patients and artists in the Occupational Department of the Bethlem Royal Hospital [I had not appreciated that the hospital still continues to treat patients with mental health and substance abuse issues]. It explores the therapeutic value of art when people come together in a safe, social space and are able to express their individuality through their own personal creativity. The colour and energy of the pieces fired and inspired me.

Whilst mulling over what I'd seen yesterday, I've reached the conclusion that I have been muddling the terms creative and artistic for a long time. Sometimes I have a crack at making things....often I enjoy the process and am quite pleased with the results, but am rather apologetic at their amateurishness when seen against the work of those I perceive to be artistic. Should it matter though? Now I am beginning to think not. I am quite happy to accept that I am never going to be particularly artistic, but creativity is a different beast I have decided and the form it takes is down to how you personally manifest it. So for one it might be painting a picture, for another it could be inventing an original recipe or as here using textiles in new and innovative ways. For me I think it's probably expressing myself through my different styles of writing. Daft as it sounds I had never viewed it in this light before.....whilst I shan't be penning any best sellers in the near future this unexpected revelation has been a rather positive one😊 Perhaps I do have a creative bone in my body after all!



  1. I most certainly think you are creative. You have a way with words, and telling stories about churches, museums, and your life experience.

    1. Thanks Sam you're very kind. I just do it because of the pleasure it gives me!


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