Tuesday 20 November 2018

Who lives in a house like this?

I remember Loyd Grosman asking that familiar question in each episode of "Through the Keyhole" whilst snooping around some celebrity or other's pad. Now if I showed you these images what conclusion might you draw?

I expect it will come as no great surprise to find it's called "Gargoyles" and is to be found in the small Sussex village of Bury. The official line is that it was once the home of a stonemason who mounted the carvings to show off his work. However, when we ran into a villager she said that the word on the street is that they were stolen from nearby Arundel Castle. Which version do you prefer?! Personally I might not mind living in a house like this!



  1. That was my first thought Aril...that you would love to live in a house like this! Me too!,xx

  2. my stepdad was a builder and had bits of church all over his house and garden, i have a 12th century corbel top in the garden that he gave me from a church that burnt down

    1. I can't tell you how jealous I am of you owing a corbel Kate!


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