Tuesday 6 November 2018

Are you sitting comfortably?

Actually sitting comfortably would be the last thing you would be doing I would imagine if you were wearing any of these....it makes our control pants seem rather tame by comparision and at least we can choose whether we wish to squeeze our feet into winklepickers or vertiginously high heels these days. It's of little surprise that women often fainted, struggled to breathe and digest their food. In the quest for the perfect hourglass figure many suffered permanent damage to their ribcages. You really did become a fashion "victim" in all senses of the word!

Tomorrow I'll share a few images of the glorious apparel on show at the V & A.



  1. Did you see the Lucy Wordsley documentary about Victorian killers in our homes? Those corsets were one of them.
    I've never understood the need for corsets or control pants - sits ups and less food are a lot less painful! x

    1. I think I must have missed the LW doc. Must look out for it.


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